With DNS Forest Products, you can be sure we match the right product with the right application.

We can cut from 2.6m up to 12m logs to suit your exact requirements. We offer a range of grades and lengths to suit, and ensure our sustainable timber and lumber supplies are always consistent and to specification.

Log Supply
DNS Forest Products know scale is important to this industry. This is why we have increasing log operations and are dedicated to providing the right product at the best value. We always look to increase efficiency and reduce costs across the logging and export process, which results in providing optimal outcomes for customers.  

Log Grades and Lengths
Grades: Pruned, AO, A, K, KI, KIS
Length: We cut to spec – from 2.6m all the way up to 12m

Grades are set according to:

  • Appearance grades (board grades) – for finishing and furniture uses can be either clear of knots or contain minor blemishes and tight knots.
  • Structural grades (framing grades) – used primarily for construction where strength and stiffness are important.
  • Industrial grades – used in packaging for various products such as pallets, cable drums, and concrete formwork.


Radiata Pine Logs

New Zealand has the ideal climate and soil conditions to grow Radiata Pine that’s among the best available.

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Cypress Macrocarpa Logs

Commonly known as Monterey Cypress, the Macrocarpa species performs very well in the New Zealand growing environment.

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Douglas Fir Logs

Douglas Fir is ideal for structural applications that are required to withstand high loads, and therefore is used heavily in the construction industry.

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Poplar Logs

Known for its flexibility and close grain, the Poplar’s balance of properties makes it highly sought after for a range of applications.

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Our lumber is precision cut at leading New Zealand mills to ensure quality and total consistency.

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