It’s flexibility and close grain give the Poplar a balance of properties that make it highly sought after for a number of applications including pulpwood, paper, plywood, boxing, furniture, interior joinery, panelling, mouldings, kitchen utensils, doors, truck decking and even shoes.

Poplar wood is relatively tough and resistant to wear rather than strong, and takes a lot of punishment before splitting. The machining, bonding, and finishing properties of Poplars are good, making the wood well suited for a variety of uses. It also takes the application of surface coatings well and takes an even stain.

Poplar can be characterised by its fine, even texture, indistinct growth rings and light colour. The pale colour, depth and lustre give Poplar a unique and attractive appearance and finish. The sapwood is usually indistinguishable from the heartwood and almost white.

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