DNS Forest Product’s Radiata Pine lumber is precision cut at leading New Zealand mills to ensure quality and total consistency.

Thanks to world class silviculture management, New Zealand Pine logs come in a range of qualities and timber grades to meet almost any requirement. Contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

Pine logs are generally sound, with no decay, heartshake, or insect attack. The wood saws easily, and high lumber recovery can be achieved, dependent primarily on saw pattern, log diameter and shape.

The wood can be readily treated with preservative to comply with all durability levels.

Grading of timber falls under four range classifications (appearance, cutting, structural, box) for specific end use and is either visual grading or through machine stress grading:

Visual grading
Where the incidence of visible characteristics is visually assessed by a trained grader. This method is used for appearance, structural and industrial grades and is the most commonly used.

Machine stress grading
Where the lumber is passed through a machine which measures its bending stiffness and assigns a grade on the basis of predetermined relationships between strength and stiffness. This method is used for structural grades, is more precise than visual grading, and therefore very reliable.

Appearance grades
For cladding, furniture, finishing and other non-structural uses.

Cutting grades
To produce short clear lengths for furniture and other speciality uses.

Structural grades
where strength and stiffness are important, primarily for use in buildings.

Box grades
for pallets, packaging and other uses.

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