DNS Forest Products has been around long enough to understand the significance of the responsibilities we hold, both to our clients but also to our environment. It’s a long-term commitment that we place enormous value in and we work to not only uphold, but improve sustainable forestry practices.

What this means to us:
As a business, DNS has an environmental responsibility to ensure the upkeep and longevity of our beautiful New Zealand forests. Without the effort, care and consideration we place in our industry practices, we simply wouldn’t be able to maintain the supply levels we do today.

DNS is dedicated to sourcing quality product from sustainably-harvested forests. With wood as our most valuable asset, it’s easy to understand why we pride ourselves on our sustainable timber management practices and in-depth knowledge of the land.

Our commitments don’t stop there. We are only as strong as the sum of our parts as a whole. This means we care about our people, where they work and the manner in which work is undertaken. A robust health and safety programme ensures our employees, contractors and partners maintain a high level of safety while reducing risks and injury rates. A strong emphasis is placed on appropriate training and managing safe operations, throughout the process.

What this means to you:

The more we can do to ensure the continued and long-term health of our operational environment, the better the end results become. This will have two key benefits that serve both customers and local communities. Firstly, improved over all growth to ensure our New Zealand products remain one of the best in the world for decades to come. And secondly, it results in generating a healthier sustainable environment for future generations to enjoy.

We plant with pride and aim to enhance the long-term benefits forestry will bring to our clients, employees as well as our communities. It’s with this in mind that DNS can help support and grow local industry and areas in which we are involved.

By continuing to provide a quality product from renewable sources, we can confidently offer our clients consistent excellence.


As the industry grows, forests planted in recent decades will reach maturity, which in turn increases production levels. Our forests lie at the heart of New Zealand’s environmental maintenance efforts and social awareness is increasingly seeing the benefits of this.

Wood products are now New Zealand’s third largest export and still remain one of the world’s most renewable raw materials, with wood availability forecast to increase rapidly as we head towards the 2020’s. With forests covering approximately 30% of New Zealand’s land, and Radiata Pine alone currently making up a third of the world’s total Radiata stock, we see the use of this renewable and sustainable building material as a vital part in the development of building a sustainable environment.

We look towards a sustainable future and a growing industry to provide quality forestry products for generations to come.